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Core Values


I believe all US citizens have the right... 

  To "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

  To love who they choose and worship freely.

  To make decisions about their own body.
  To responsible, reasonable, respectful,
      registered gun ownership.
      Radicalism should be regulated. 

I believe that New Hampshire

  State Government leaders

     have a duty...
  To uphold our
New Hampshire State Constitution.

  To handle the state's business and not infringe

      on the privacy of the individual. 

I believe the New Hampshire State Legislature has the obligation.....

  To protect our public lands and water.
  To educate for the public good.

  To work for the people- and that corporations are not people.

  To create a public social safety net that empowers the people and uplifts our capitalistic economy.

  To enact laws for the safety of the public. 

  To never enact or enforce laws based on ones religious ideology.  

I believe that a healthy society is measured, not by GDP,

but by how many of our citizens have healthy food,

proper shelter, clean water/air, and

public educational opportunities for economic stability. 


Scroll slowly over state seal for priorities


Who is Bobbi?

Bobbi (she/her), a native New Englander, fell in love with this region of the Granite State when she was young. Bobbi spent time in NH in the early 1980s while enjoying sailing with her family.  In 1989, she made her connection to the Lake's Region permanent when she got engaged to Christian Boudman, whose mother owned a home in Laconia.  In 2008, the Boudmans moved their family to Wolfeboro to settle in and raise their son. 

Bobbi is Jackson's mom - a recent Kingswood Regional High School graduate--go Class of 2022!
Bobbi is Christian's wife - an award winning VFX Artist in the movie and television industries.
Bobbi is Alice's dog mom - a bloodhound rescue mix who lives up to her name with adventures. 


Bobbi's career path began in banking, but quickly veered into the music industry where she was a royalties auditor, financial analyst, financial manager, and chief financial officer. After a decade in the music industry and feeling unfulfilled, she went back to school for a master's degree and new career in sports and recreation.

Bobbi advanced to a Director for The City of Los Angeles in the Department of Recreation and Parks.  She was responsible for programs for 100,000+ citizens. She was awarded numerous accolades and accommodations for her work-- even receiving an Urban Hero Award from The County of Los Angeles and People for Parks. 

After 14 years of marriage and career building, Bobbi and Christian decided it was time to embark on family life.  Bobbi left her career to raise their son, but minimal opportunities for a new mom and outdoor nature actives with a baby blossomed into a new path.  She started a company called, Babes in Backpacks, and within a week had already amassed a clientele of over 200 parents.  As Jackson grew, so did the business. She ran a host of recreational opportunities from hiking, summer camps, to a nature pre-school for toddlers with their parents in tow.  When Jackson reached age 3, Bobbi and Christian realized they were longing to raise their son with the same opportunities they had while growing up here in New England.  So on Jackson's 4th birthday, they packed up in search of just the right spot to raise a child closer to Bobbi's sisters and Christian's family....New Hampshire, Wolfeboro, and Governor Wentworth Regional School District.


The Boudmans quickly jumped into their new life and found welcoming spots in the community.  They joined local non-profits, and got very active in the 603.  Bobbi filled her schedule with jobs that allowed her to be a full-time mom and help Christian run his small business.  She worked as an Athletic Director in Alton, she worked for Wolfeboro Area Creative Art Center, she worked as the Office Administrator/Manager at Wentworth Watershed Association, and over the last few years, to help keep our children in schools, she has been a substitute teacher for Governor Wentworth Regional School District. Bobbi has volunteered throughout the community and our region.  She has been the head costume designer or costumer for theater productions at: The Village Players, Snapdragon Theater, Kingswood Children's Summer Theater, Perform It! Young People's Stage Company, Kingswood Regional Middle School, and Kingswood Regional High School.  She has volunteered with End 68 Hours of Hunger, Wolfeboro Garden Club, Wolfeboro Youth Cross Country Ski Program, Wolfeboro Historical Society, Boy Scouts, and in our schools with unicycling, skiing, ice skating, student field trips, and so much more. Bobbi sewed and donated over 1,000 masks, and sewed nursing caps and gowns during the pandemic.  She has sat on numerous boards, from conservation to swim teams. 

Bobbi is the daughter and granddaughter to war serving Veterans.  Her father was an MP in the Air Force during Vietnam.  Bobbi's parents were teen parents with 3 girls by the time her mom was 22. Bobbi grew up with food scarcity and home insecurity for the first 11 years of her childhood.  Bobbi's father died while she was a teen and her mother died a few years later--both succumbed to cancer. 

Bobbi was the first in her family to graduate from college.  She has degrees in Accounting; Women Studies/Gender Studies; and Sports, Recreation, and Leisure. 

Bobbi worked for Berry Gordy's Publishing Co., MCA, Chrysalis Music Group, has been a college softball coach, a lifeguard, has run half-marathons, competed in Olympic distance triathlons, swam a marathon, and has been happily married for over 32 years. 

Bobbi is determined and is always willing to step up for the empowerment of others.  She will honor the oath of office and represent the interests of citizens in Ossipee, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro. 

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